My name is Nicholas Ssebuufu, and I am 29 years old, and I was born in Uganda. In a small village called 'Mabanda'. I also studied electrical engineering and graduated. I grew up as an orphan and have been running an orphanage for a few years. I became friends with Mirko Mohr and we immediately had a good connection. I quickly developed the urge to create something even greater in this world. It is my destiny to build up this orphanage "KINDERHILFEZENTRUM" for 150 children and to be able to offer the children help and protection.


Nicholas Ssebuufu

My name is Mirko Mohr, and I am 49 years old. I am a personal trainer. As a child, I spent some time in a children's home called "KINDERHILFEZENTRUM". After my training as a sports-gymnastics teacher, I started my own business and sold it again after successfully setting it up. I know not only the highs in life, but also the lows. An important life motto from my experiences is! If you can't do anything for yourself for a while, then do something for others. Because strength is not just the power that makes our muscles contract. True strength is taking care of the weak, no matter what problems you are facing. There are problems in the world that only have to do with money. Then just tackle them somewhere else!

Yours sincerely
Mirko Mohr

In November 2021, I received a call for help from an orphanage in Uganda. Nicholas Ssebuufu, a fighter for his charges, orphans, asked for my help. Nicholas (Nickname: Kato Nicodem) and I became fast friends and together we started to change the lives of the children in the orphanage. New beds, bicycles, school and many other things were lacking. We even renovated parts of the orphanage. We decided to help more children and used technology from the web to raise awareness about the suffering of the children in our world. You could say I motivated Nicholas to persevere and stay strong. No, simply from person to person. Two people who wanted to take action to create change. That's exactly what we continue to do today, an orphanage for 150 children is our next milestone. I thank every donor for their support and belief in our project. We will not disappoint you. I will try to answer all your enquiries on GoFundMe in the future, and we are touched by your interest in helping and helping yourself.We will keep you up to date!

Mirko Mohr

Follow us into our dream. To create change for children who cannot help their situation. Join us in this fight against hunger, poverty, and neglect.